There is more to golf instruction than simply giving lessons. We improve your game through evaluation, simplicity and implementation.

We truly believe that if you are taught outside of your style it can actually harm your potential to play your best golf. What works and helps one golfer may not help another player and it may even hurt their game. We believe that each person has their own unique, ideal swing and playing style that will be the most efficient for his/her game and therefore will help them maximize their potential in golf. In our programs we will identify your personal unique style and we will teach you within this style.



Our goal is to create an evaluation system that is clear, concise, and unique to your own golf game. Every great player has his/her own golf game evaluation system that they understand and know how to use. This evaluation system includes but is not limited to; knowing your own mental and technical tendencies, strengths and weaknesses of your physical abilities, and strengths and weaknesses of your golf game. In order for us to identify our students evaluation system it is important to know their physical abilities, tendencies, learning style, learned experience etc.


We believe strongly in properly fit equipment as it plays such a huge role in developing and maintaining a person’s own unique style. Golf equipment does affect a player’s motion. The equipment has to reward the individual’s best swing, otherwise, the student will inevitably revert back to their old bad habits and tendencies.


It has been proven that a person can only think about one thing at a time. The golf swing is a complicated movement and the golfer is given lots of time before each shot to think. The tendency of most golfers is to think about too many things when they are playing, practicing, or taking lessons. Example: If you have four swing thoughts then you are only putting 25% focus towards each one, instead of 100% focus towards only one thought. It will also be hard to know which swing thought you accomplished and which one you didn’t. In our programs you will be given only one swing thought at a time to think about that will produce a definite result.


Most of the time golfers have multiple flaws in their golf game that need to be fixed. In our programs we find and address the KEY fundamental flaw that will fix the majority of the other flaws (with the correct KEY fundamental flaw identified, the other minor flaws will be changed unconsciously without effort).


There are key important fundamentals in golf such as balance, center hit, club path etc. The goal of our programs is to teach these important fundamentals using an individual approach for every student. Each students unique approach will be based on the person’s goals, physical ability, age, learning styles and experience. Learning Styles Explained: Some people learn visually, some kinesthetically, and some auditory. A persons musical or athletic background other than golf can play a huge role in the way a person learns.