This is the perfect setting to express YOUR personal concerns and needs about your game. Learn how to create great shots on demand. There’s more to golf than just how your swing looks… it’s how it works! You will learn how to play golf and become a MASTER of controlling the club-face, and gain an understanding for why the ball goes where it goes.


Here at HLCC Golf Channel Academy we believe that creating a safe, accepting and playful environment for the youngsters will help them fall in love with the game and develop to their full potential. HLCC Junior Golf Channel Academy offers Group classes and private lessons. Small groups insure that every junior gets personal attention.


Golf Channel Academy at Hayden Lake offers unparalleled service and expert advice to all of its members. In addition to providing some of the best instruction available in Idaho, we also offer a variety of club fitting and on-the-course methods to help improve your game in all aspects. From custom clubmaking to AimPoint, we want all of our members to get the most out of their GCA experience.