Dynamic Club Fitting 

We use Henry-Griffitts fitting system to make the most affective fits possible. We believe that there is no reason to buy new equipment unless it truly outperforms the old one. Randy Henry – the founder of Henry-Griffitts pioneered the dynamic club fitting process in 1983. With true dynamic fitting we reward the students best swing and build clubs to fit that swing. We won’t condemn students to a bad swing. The fitting is done to a motion and not to what the person looks like. Essentially we fit the player to who they will become. H-G has the most fitting combinations along with the tightest tolerances in the industry. When it is done right it is truly a magical process with long lasting results. 

AimPoint System

The #1 green reading system in the world.
Whether you are a recreational player, competitive amateur or professional – AimPoint system guarantees you will make more putts. This feel based system that is built on science is easy to learn. To become a great putter you need 3 aspects mastered 1) ability to start the ball on the line you are aiming 2) Speed 3) and the ability to find the correct target to aim at, aka AimPoint. The AimPoint system is like having a perfect local caddy that shows you the spot to aim at and if you hit there with correct speed the ball will go in the hole.