Our goal at GCA at HLCC is to provide extensive coaching for juniors of all ages and all skill levels. That is why our programs range from Beginner (4-5 year olds) to Elite Juniors (high school and collage aspiring athletes)

The Junior Program was designed with inspiration and experience from some of the most successful coaching programs around, including Vision54, Operation 36, Snag Golf, First Tee, The Scoring Method (RGX), Purposeful Practice and more. 

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We believe that each person has their own unique way of learning, unique swing and playing style that will be most efficient for his or her game. This will help them maximize their potential in golf. In our programs we work to identify the personal style of students and look to teach them within that style. Our goal is to teach important fundamentals using an individual approach for every student. 

  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Bunker play
  • Specialty shots
  • Fundamentals of the full swing
  • How and what to practice (Purposeful Practice)
  • Course management
  • Human Skills (Vision 54)
  • Goal setting
  • Golf etiquette
  • Rules of golf
  • Core values
  • Life skills


Our Junior Tour gives players of ALL levels the opportunity to compete, which hasn’t always been an option for beginning golfers. Unlike other sports where you play matches, games, or scrimmages right away (baseball, football, soccer etc), in golf you are allowed to play in tournaments when you are a “good golfer.” Well, how are you going to improve if you can’t play in tournaments? This is why we created a Junior Tour where our players can learn how to play the game with their friends in a low pressure environment with the opportunity to succeed and build their game with lots of fun and prizes. 


We believe that golf gives juniors of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to learn valuable life skills and build character. We utilize the Hat System to give both our juniors and their parents a clear path to improvement, similar to martial arts.
The Hat System is based on having our juniors focus on the parts of the game they can master at their age and strength level. 

At HLCC Golf Channel Academy we believe that if we want our juniors to love the game, they have to be able to see improvement, have success, and be on a path to mastery. Juniors advance to a new color Hat by shooting 36 or less in the 9 Hole Match or when they win their division and shoot 39 or less in the tournament.

  • White Hat – 25 yards
  • Yellow Hat – 50 yards
  • Orange Hat – 100 yards
  • Red Hat – Junior Tees (150-250 Yards)
  • Blue Hat – Regular Tees